SNMMI-TS Executive Board

The Executive Board is the primary legislative and policy-making component of the SNMMI-TS. The responsibilities of the Executive Board include; determining the goals of the SNMMI-TS, determining SNMMI-TS policy regarding professional issues affecting nuclear medicine, selection and approval of outside representatives, approve the Technologist SNMMI-TS budget and review actions of the SNMMI-TS National Council of Representatives. They also develop and approve procedures of the SNMMI-TS, coordinate and monitor the activities of all organizational components of the SNMMI-TS.

Voting members include; President, President-Elect, Secretary, Finance Chair/Treasurer, Immediate Past President, Technologist SNMMI-TS Directors-at-Large, three members elected by the National Council of Representatives and the Speaker of the National Council of Representatives. Non-voting members include; Chairs of the Program Committee, Continuing Education Committee, Publications Committee, Professional Development and Education Fund, Advocacy Committee.



Sarah A. Frye, MBA,CNMT, PET, CCRP

Saint Louis University
Saint Louis, MO
United States