Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan Cover ImageSNMMI, Inc. Strategic Plan

For more than 50 years, SNMMI has successfully followed a mission of educating professionals, policy makers and the general public about the potential of nuclear medicine. Advances in molecular biology, molecular medicine and medical imaging have signaled an expansion in the direction of the profession and its ability to contribute to improved health outcomes, requiring SNMMI leaders to examine the society's long-range future.

Vision: SNMMI will be the leader in unifying, advancing, and optimizing nuclear medicine, molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy.

Mission:  To improve human health by advancing nuclear medicine, molecular imaging, and radionuclide therapy.


Core Values:

  1. Excellence in patient care
  2. Ethical behavior and integrity
  3. Respect for all people and ideas
  4. Fostering inquiry and reflection
  5. Visionary leadership
  6. Excellence, professionalism, and collaboration
  7. Life-long education

SNMMI Strategic Plan (Updated 9/29/2013)


SNMMI-TS Strategic Plan

The SNMMI-TS Strategic Plan uniquely corresponds with the SNMMI, Inc. strategic plan as the section represents a specific component within the Society focused on addressing the issues and interests of the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging technologist. The SNMMI-TS Strategic Plan defines the long-range goals of the Technologist Section. These goals are outcome-oriented statements that represent what will constitute the future direction of the section as well as its envisioned future for the field.

The SNMMI-TS Stategic Plan was created and approved in June 2013. The Strategic Plan is reviewed on an annual basis and updated accordingly. The National Council of Representatives is responsible for monitoring the strategic plan.

SNMMI-TS’s Mission:  The section is dedicated to improving human health by advancing technology and professionals in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. 

SNMMI-TS Core Values:

  1. Commitment to optimal patient care.
  2. Practice high ethical behavior and integrity.
  3. Respect all people and ideas.
  4. Foster inquiry and reflection.
  5. Practice visionary leadership.
  6. Commitment to excellence, professionalism, and collaboration.
  7. Commitment to life-long learning and professional development.

Vivid Description:
The Technologist Section of the SNMMI has elevated the importance and value of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging in contributing to successful patient outcomes.  Technologists and related professionals are recognized as integral partners within the medical healthcare team.  They are prepared as leaders as a result of their membership and involvement in SNMMI’s Technologist Section.  The Section provides multidisciplinary educational content offered in a variety of formats and develops educational models to include the expanding and increasingly complex educational content that is necessary for preparing knowledgeable, competent, and qualified professionals.  Section leadership provides expert knowledge on legislative and regulatory issues affecting the field.  The Section’s standards are viewed as the “benchmarks” for professional practice and are widely utilized by the membership.   The Section is known as the place to engage with other nuclear medicine and molecular imaging professionals, at all career stages, to find great value in networking with peers, and to learn from more experienced professionals.  

SNMMI-TS Strategic Plan (Updated 9/24/2013)