RPSC Past Presidents

The RPSC would like to thank the past presidents who have served the council over the past years. These past presidents helped to shape the direction of the council by providing strategic direction and insight. The responsibilty of being a council president is extraordinary and we are thankful that so many great individuals have been able to lead our council to where it is today. Thank you all for your service as president!

Timothy R. DeGrado, PhD 2012-2013
Sally Schwarz, MS, RPh, BCNP 2011-2012
Pradeep Garg, PhD 2010-2011
Michael Adam, PhD 2009-2010
Jeffrey P. Norenberg, PharmD 2008-2009
Robert H. Mach, PhD 2007-2008
Jeffrey A. Clanton, MS 2006-2007
Alan B. Packard, PhD 2005-2006
Henry VanBrocklin, PhD 2004-2005
D. Scott Wilbur, PhD 2002-2004
Mark M. Goodman, PhD 2000-2002
John W. Babich, PhD 1998-2000
James Kronauge, PhD 1996-1998
Donald J. Hnatowich, PhD 1994-1996
Robert W. Atcher, PhD 1992-1994
Ronald J. Callahan 1990-1992
Alun G. Jones, PhD 1989-1990
Edward A. Deutsch 1988-1989
Wynn A. Volkert, PhD 1987-1988
Brian M. Gallagher 1986-1987
Alan R. Fritzberg 1985-1986
Harold A. O'Brien, Jr. 1984-1985
Donald M. Wieland, PhD 1983-1984
Richard M. Lambrecht 1982-1983