Pediatric Imaging Conway-Treves Senior Investigator Award

The PIC Conway-Treves SIA award was developed to recognize 2 pioneers in the pediatric imaging field who have made enormous scientific contributions to our subspecialty of pediatric nuclear medicine: Dr. James Conway and Dr. Ted Treves. The Conway-Treves Senior Investigator Award will be given to senior scientists and physician-scientists who have contributed greatly to our subspecialty of pediatric nuclear medicine as a scientist, teacher, mentor and leader, or who have contributed substantially to the work of the Society of Nuclear Medicine or the SNMMI Pediatric Imaging Council. Learn more about the Conway-Treves Senior Investigator Award.

2013 Conway-Treves Senior Investigator Award Winner


Award Application Process - The senior award recipient will be determined based on nominations from the Pediatric Imaging Council membership, with one-page supporting documentation.The award will be given every two years, or variable frequency depending upon merit. (The award may not be given in any particular year at the discretion of the Awards Committee.) The winner will be selected by the PIC Awards Committee that is chaired by the immediate Past President of the Pediatric Imaging Council, members will be 4 past PIC presidents. Scoring will be a consensus selection based on evaluation by the Awards Committee of nominee accomplishments and supporting documentation.

Award Amount – The recipient will receive a plaque at the Pediatric Imaging council Business meeting.

Call for Nominations -