PIC Committees and Committee Members

Program Committee: The Program Committee consists of the President and at least two members of the Council. 

  • The selection and presentation of a Council’s scientific program(s) at the annual meeting
  • Provide guidance and assistance to special committees involved in the annual program(s)
  • Cooperate with the Communication Committee in regard to the publication and announcement of the program(s).

Communications Committee: Under the aegis of the Society’s Publications Committee, the Communications Committee consists of the Vice President as Editor and at least two members of the council. 

  • The dissemination of at least two informational Newsletters each year, and a mailing of information and ballot for elections of Officers and Board Members.
  • The dissemination of information regarding Council interests to Council members and to the Society
  • Cooperation with the Society Program Committee in the publication of the annual program.
  • Management of the Council’s list serve content.
  • Management of the Council’s website content.

Business Plan Committee: The Business Plan Committee consists of the Secretary/Treasurer and at least two members of the Council. 

  • Updating/tracking the financial numbers and interests of the Council’s membership for projection of future needs.
  • Drafting the annual Business Plan for the Council’s President’s approval and subsequent submission to the Society.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee consists of the Secretary/Treasurer and at least two members of the Council. 

  • Determining the budgetary needs of the Council.
  • Preparing Council’s financial  reports for distribution and presentation to Council Board of Directors.
  • Maintenance of the Council’s financial records.

Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee consists of the immediate Past-President for the Council, who will serve as Chairperson and at least two Council members appointed by the President with approval of a majority of the Council Board of Directors.  The Chair and members will serve for one year.  The President is not a member. 

  • The Nominating Committee will consider nominations for all offices of the Council.
  • The Committee will formulate a slate of candidates, numbering at least two times the number of each position available, for the offices of Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Board of Directors.  This slate is to be promptly circulated to the voting members for a mail ballot, not less than sixty days before the annual meeting, with the election to be completed under suitable supervision prior to the annual meeting of the Council.  A place for write-in candidates will be provided for each position.  Should a write-in candidate, on being notified of election to office refuse to serve, the individual with the next highest number of votes will be deemed elected.  One person will be elected to each office by a majority vote of the members.
  • The Nominating Committee will include in its consideration for nomination any member of the Council whose name is recommended by at least ten voting members of the Council.  The Nominating Committee will submit the slate of candidates to the Board of Directors for approval.  The slate of candidates shall be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee consists of the Vice President and at least two members of the Council. 

  • Supervision of the Council’s membership roster.
  • Evaluation of benefits offered to members.  
  • Recruitment of new members.