SNMMI Quality Assurance Patient Simulator (Phantom) Program

This program, offered by the SNMMI Quality Assurance Committee, enhances your nuclear medicine practice and helps document qualitative and quantitative data showing your efforts toward quality assurance in patient care to regulatory agencies and third-party payers.

How the Program Works

The SNMMI Quality Assurance Patient Simulator (Phantom) program offers a unique, unknown patient simulator “phantom” that demonstrates actual clinical problems in technique and diagnosis found in nuclear medicine practice. 

The Proficiency Testing Program will:

1.  Provide feedback on ability to acquire, process and interpret nuclear medicine images

2.  Assess proficiency of one or more technologist, physician interpretive skills, camera systems and other variables

3.  Compare analysis skills with others in program

4.  Help document to regulatory agencies and third-party payers the participants’ qualitative and quantitative data showing efforts toward quality assurance of patient care

Most importantly, you will find out if your patients are receiving the quality care they deserve.

Results are returned to SNMMI’s Quality Assurance Committee for evaluation. Each participating facility receives a confidential individualized report for each set of results submitted and a certificate of participation or achievement.