PDEF - Making a Difference

Our mission…to support the advancement of molecular and nuclear medicine technologists through professional development that promotes clinical excellence and optimal patient outcomes.

Sponsorship funds are directed toward:

  • Encouraging research studies, publications, and papers in nuclear medicine technology that promote the development of best-practice techniques
  • Advancing the educational background of clinical nuclear medicine instructors, practicing nuclear medicine technologists, and those entering the field
  • Advancing the programs of SNMMI-TS by supporting resources and opportunities in educational advancement and professional development
  • Developing research opportunities for technologists, in the form of funding and research fellowships
  • Increasing the quantity of qualified leaders within the organization and in the field


Give. Learn. Lead.

The Professional Development and Education Fund (PDEF) was created in 2001 by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technologist Section (SNMMI-TS) to provide a forum in which corporate entities could contribute financial support to technologist related programs and activities. Over the past eleven years, the PDEF has evolved and grown into a strong fundraising arm for the SNMMI-TS. Through the recommendation of the membership, in 2011, the PDEF began accepting donations from individuals as well as corporate entities.

PDEF programs contribute to innovative research and a more knowledgeable, advanced technologist workforce. This has direct implications for patient care and for the field of nuclear medicine.

The leap from providing continuing education and certification opportunities to creating a complete program for funding professional development opportunities is a positive step for the future of nuclear medicine technology. With critical developments in functional imaging and the methods and practice of nuclear medicine, technologists are in need of new skill sets and educational models to advance their career. Building on its already successful programs, SNMMI-TS created the Professional Development and Education Fund that is tasked with raising funds in support of the unique education and professional development that is vital to the professional practice of nuclear medicine technology. This support will enable technologists to provide better healthcare service and prevent a future in which the challenge of the industry cannot be met.

By establishing relationships with corporations, educational institutions, and individual nuclear medicine technologists, SNMMI-TS' Professional Development and Education Fund can work collaboratively toward the common goal of exceeding the challenges of tomorrow.