SNMMI/SNMMI-TS Councils provide professional networking and educational programs for nuclear medicine professionals in respective areas, while simultaneously serving as a resource for development and implementation of Society policy. Councils adhere to Society Bylaws and policies, while operating under their own Operating Procedures and budget process, approved by the House of Delegates. Many Councils publish their own newsletter and provide educational programs for their members.

Academic Council

The Academic Council is composed of faculty members of nuclear medicine departments, divisions, or sections in accredited medical schools, or those in approved nuclear medicine residency programs in the U.S. or Canada.

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Advanced Associate Council

The mission of the Advanced Associate Council is to aid those who are interested in developing a Nuclear Medicine Advanced Associate program at their facility. In addition to supporting the practice and policy needs of the NMAA and other areas of technologist advanced practice, this council is focused on nurturing and growing the NMAA, including effecting the necessary culture change to allow this designation to function properly.

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Brain Imaging Council

The Brain Imaging Council was established to bring together those SNMMI members with an interest in brain imaging using radiopharmaceuticals. The Council provides a forum whereby information relating to brain imaging may be discussed and disseminated and also provides a mechanism for the promotion and encouragement of basic brain imaging research and development.

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Cardiovascular Council

The Cardiovascular Council consists of Society members interested in the performance and application of cardiovascular nuclear medicine procedures. It seeks to provide a forum for discussion and development of cardiac scintigraphic methods in an effort to realize the most beneficial applications. The Council actively seeks individuals who share this goal.

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Computer and Instrumentation Council

The Computer and Instrumentation Council is made up of Society members who have an interest in computers or nuclear instrumentation and their application in therapeutic, diagnostic or investigational nuclear medicine. It provides a source of information relating to computer and instrumentation science to the Society through meetings, seminars, and publications as well as promoting the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in this area.

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Correlative Imaging Council

The Correlative Imaging Council provides a structure in which clinicians and scientists can develop and disseminate information on the medical and physiological applications of various imaging modalities as they correlate to nuclear medicine.

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General Clinical Nuclear Medicine Council

The General Clinical Nuclear Medicine (GCNM) Council is a group within SNMMI dedicated to the scientific interchange of ideas among Society members who have interest in clinical nuclear medicine issues. The overall mission of the GCNM Council is to provide a forum for members with similar interests, provide to membership expertise in clinical nuclear medicine, foster research and education in clinical nuclear medicine, provide outreach to other professionals and organizations, nurture new membership into the Society, and serve as a resource to SNMMI Leadership.

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Nuclear Oncology Council

The Nuclear Oncology Council was formed in 2003 by the merger of the former SNMMI Clinical Trials and Therapy Council. The NOC membership is comprised of all categories of SNMMI members (physicians, scientists, technologists, radiopharmacists, industry representatives, residents, students, and educators). The NOC's mission to be the recognized world leader in providing knowledge that advances and promotes the use of radiotherapuetic agents, devices and radiopharmaceuticals in molecular imaging, and which vigorously supports the expansion of clinical trials for such agents, devices, and/or radiopharmaceuticals.

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Pediatric Imaging Council

The Pediatric Imaging Council provides a conduit for the sharing and dissemination of information unique to pediatric nuclear medicine. It serves as a forum for individuals involved in pediatric scintigraphic imaging to meet and discuss common problems and experiences. Established to further advance the interests of pediatric imaging within the SNMMI, the council serves as a liaison to other pediatric imaging organizations, and to advance both research and education related to pediatric nuclear medicine.

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Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Council

The Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Council is made up of members of the SNMMI who have a common interest in the radiopharmaceutical sciences. It has been set up for the purpose of providing a forum to; discuss and disseminate information relating to radiopharmaceutical sciences, promote and encourage basic research and applied technology in the radiopharmaceutical sciences, and provide the SNMMI information relating to the radiopharmaceutical sciences.

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Council/Center Interns:
We would like to welcome the 2013-2015 Council and Center Interns. Please view the council/center intern orientation at your leisure to assist you with understanding the governance process within the SNMMI.