Eastern Great Lakes Chapter

The Eastern Great Lakes Chapter of SNMMI, Inc. has over 600 active members.  Of the active Eastern Great Lakes Chapter membership, over 300 individuals also belong to the Chapter's Technologist Section.

The Chapter hosts a number of grassroots activities throughout the year, including:

  • Continuing education and research activities, including an Annual Meeting
  • A professional networking forum for members
  • A mechanism for encouraging and enhancing professional leadership
  • Monitoring and addressing of nuclear medicine professional issues at the local level

Geographical Area: New York (West of Syracuse) and Western portions of Ontario, Canada.

Contact Information  

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Eastern Great Lakes Chapter - SNMMI


Chapter/National Dues

Member Type Chapter Dues National Dues Total Dues (Chapter + National)
Full $30 $385  $415
Resident OR Scientist-in-Training $5 $192.50  $197.50
Associate $30 $260  $290
Associate Technologist $30 $121  $151
Technologist $20 $106  $126
Technologist Student $5 $53  $58
Affiliate $30 $285  $315


Eastern Great Lakes Chapter Leadership

Alan K. Klitzke, MD, FACNM Chapter President
George S. Pluchino  President of Technologist Section
Fred Covelli, MBA  Chapter Administrator