BRAIN Initiative Adds Imaging Funding

January 23, 2014

The BRAIN Initiative at NIH will now include funding for advanced imaging projects.  DEADLINE is March 13, 2014. 

 The Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) describes the goals for this new program: 

  • $4m total funding (10% of the total NIH BRAIN funding pool)
  • the FOA will fund 9-10 awards up to $300k/year in direct costs
  • the grants will be PLANNING grants, intended to afford innovative teams of imaging researchers, societies, industry partners, and others the time and resources to prepare a truly transformative R01, P01, etc. by the end of the 3-year grant period
  • applications must propose to develop new techniques with capabilities far beyond the most current imaging techniques.  Incremental approaches will not be accepted.
  • awards will support collaborative meetings; early data gathering; prototype modeling; proof of concept; etc
  • awards are meant to encourage highly innovative teams, such as those that include radiologists, physicists, chemists, computational scientists, neuroscientists, industry partners, etc.

 For more information, please find the letter from the Association of University Radiologists here