Bracco Releases Status Update on the Commercial Availability of Kinevac

March 28, 2014

Bracco continued to partially fulfill Kinevac backorders this week. In an effort to meet your immediate order requirements, Bracco will ration the current inventory until back orders are fulfilled or inventory is depleted. Based on existing Bracco inventory and community need, they anticipate that they will be in an ‘Out of Stock’ situation by the end of April. Although Bracco is fully engaged with their manufacturer, their production schedule demonstrates a time line, whereby, Bracco inventory is depleted prior to receiving their next commercially available Kinevac batch. While Bracco does not have a definitive date for the next commercially available lot, an ‘Out of Stock’ situation for an approximate 10 week period may be experienced. Bracco is doing everything possible to optimize the production process and resume a routine production schedule that supports inventory replenishment.  

Please continue to place orders during this time. Orders will be posted on the back-order list in Bracco’s system and may be partially fulfilled based on available Kinevac market units.