Scheduled NTP Shutdown Moved Up

July 24, 2014

Recently, NTP Radioisotopes experienced a minor operational incident at their manufacturing facility, and their Nuclear Regulator instructed them to not proceed with any operation until they had the opportunity to review the situation. Unfortunately, this led to supply shortages over the past two weeks that may have impacted SNMMI members.

In anticipation of the time it may still take to obtain approval to resume operations, NTP moved up their scheduled two week maintenance period, which was originally scheduled for the middle of August. NTP is hopeful that this will minimize the impact of the current situation in their processing plant. The shutdown will commence with immediate effect for scheduled restart on August 1, 2015. NTP expects start-up approval to be given by this time and for a regular supply of product to begin on August 5.

For more information, please find NTP’s memo concerning the shutdown here.