Comments filed on Proposed 2004 Physician Fee Schedule

October 7, 2003

Comments filed on Proposed 2004 Physician Fee Schedule

SNM Coding and Reimbursement Committee Chair, Dr. Gary Dillehay, has submitted comments to CMS on the proposed 2004 Physician Fee Schedule. CMS will publish the final rule later this year...

"Dear Administrator Scully:

The Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) representing more than 14,000 physicians, physicists, scientists, pharmacists and nuclear medicine technologists, appreciates the opportunity to comment on the August 15, 2003 proposed rule on revisions to payment policies under the physician fee schedule under the Medicare Program (42 CFR Parts 410 and 414) for calendar year 2004 (Federal Register, Vol. 68, No. 158, Pages 49029 to 49300).

The SNM offers comments and recommendations on the following topics addressed in this proposed rule:

  1. Medicare Payment Update;
  2. Proposed Adjustments to Relative Value Units (RVUs) as Triggered by Rebasing and Revising the Medicare Economic Index (MEI);
  3. Practice Expense;
  4. Geographic Practice Cost Indices (GPCIs);
  5. Resource Based Malpractice Methodology; and
  6. Process Issues..."

10/06/2003 Download Dr. Gary Dillehay's Full Comments