MedPAC Releases Proposal on SGR

September 21, 2011

MedPAC Releases Proposal on SGR

On September 15th and 16th, MedPAC held its monthly public meeting to discuss its policies and recommendations.  The first session was of particular interest to SNM, titled “Moving forward from the Sustainable Growth Rate system.”  MedPAC will be recommending the repeal of the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) which will result in a 10-year freeze across all services and cost an estimated $300 billion.  The repeal will also require significant offsets and MedPAC has recently released their proposed list.  Specifically, MedPAC staff is recommending making cuts to specialty providers which will include imaging professionals.  The final vote on MedPAC’s proposal is planned for their next monthly meeting which will be held on October 6th and 7th.  MedPAC hopes to send the proposal to Congress soon after.  

MedPAC's Draft Offset List

MedPAC's SGR Presentation

MedPAC's September Meeting Transcript