U.S. Supports Efforts to Encourage Reliable Supplies of Mo-99 Produced Without Highly Enriched Uranium

June 20, 2012

On June 7, 2012, The White House released a fact sheet, “Encouraging Reliable Supplies of Molybdenum-99 Produced without Highly Enriched Uranium,” which announced the steps that the United States will take to ensure a reliable supply of medical isotopes while minimizing the use of highly enriched uranium (HEU) for civilian purposes.

The fact sheet describes six actions that are supported by the United States, consistent with policy principles developed and adopted by the international community.

This issue is also being discussed in Congress.  S. 99, the American Medical Isotopes Production Act, is legislation that would aid in the domestic development of essential medical isotopes, specifically Molybdenum-99.  S. 99 has passed out of the Senate and is currently in the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Please click here to view the actions and to read the complete fact sheet.