NRC Releases Licensing Guideline for Y-90 Microsphere Brachytherapy

July 9, 2012

NRC has recently revised the licensing guidance for yttrium-90 (Y-90) microsphere brachytherapy.  Y-90 microspheres are manual brachytherapy sources used for permanent implantation therapy and are regulated under 10 CFR 35.1000. 

The major changes published in this revision include:

  • Training and Experience A.3.iii – section revised to indicate that training, not work experience, would be provided by the Y-90 microsphere manufacturer for items a)-g).
  • Training and Experience A.3.iii – references to appropriate appendices in NUREG 1556 Vol 9 added to items e)and f) for clarity.
  • License Commitments 4thbullet – statements added to allow changes to the written directive prior to completion of procedure when emergent patient conditions prevent administration in accordance with the written directive.

Please click on the attached document to read the revised licensing guidance. 

Microsphere Brachytherapy Guidance