PET/MR shows great potential for detecting multifocal cancers

March 12, 2013

PET/MRI allows superior early detection and evaluation of cancers as they disseminate around the body. That was the key message of Dr. Heinz-Peter Schlemmer in his talk in Saturday's new horizons session at ECR 2013.

Taking the two sources of information together provides insight into both the biology and location of the tumor or metastases inside the body, according to Schlemmer, a professor of oncologic radiology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and chair of radiology at the German Cancer Research Center. Combined PET/MRI can help radiologists to detect cancer early and characterize its biological behavior. Also, it's important to consider the heterogeneity of tumors, which are an evolving structure that started on one side of the organ and disseminated.