Future looks bright for thyroid cancer molecular imaging, treatments

April 2, 2013

A number of research breakthroughs in molecular imaging and molecular-targeted treatments of thyroid cancer are showing signs of expansion into the clinic, according to a review in the March issue of The Lancet.

Thyroid cancer of the epithelial follicular-cell is on the rise and is the most common endocrine malignancy in the world. A little more than nine women out of 100,000 and just fewer than three men per 100,000 develop the disease, according to the review written by Mingzhao Xing, MD, from the laboratory for cellular and molecular thyroid research, at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, and colleagues. The review focused on the progress of a number of molecular imaging techniques, including the use of diagnostic biomarkers and investigational therapies to determine their progress outside the lab.