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New Books—Coming Soon!

  • Now Available! The Quick-Reference Protocol Manual for Nuclear Medicine Technologists is a best-practice reference that provides, for 71 procedures: rationale and introduction for the procedure, indications and contraindications, patient preparation, type and amount of radiopharmaceutical to be used, processing instructions, and acquisition parameters, instructions, and common options.
  • Basic Science of Nuclear Medicine, by Kai H. Lee, PhD, provides essential information on basic physics of nuclear medicine, instrumentation and quality assurance, optimization of radionuclide imaging, and radiation safety. Coming in 2014.

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Begin the process by completing a book proposal for the SNMMI or SNMMI-TS Publications Committee. If your accepted, the committee chair will appoint a task force to help guide you through the process, provide input and answer questions. When you submit your final manuscript, it is carefully reviewed for accuracy and effectiveness. When you have completed your revisions, the manuscript goes to SNMMI staff, who manage editing and production. Finally, your book is published and sold through the SNMMI Store.

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